The Story of Orgari

Heidi Steck, the creative force behind Orgari, graduated from the Inchbald School of Design in London after schooling in England and Monaco. She returned to South Africa with a creative energy and drive to start her own brand. After working for a number of interior design companies, Steck started Orgari as a production and design agency in 2010.

©Orgari by Heidi Steck
Designer Heidi Steck founded Orgari in 2010.

Orgari was first based in Johannesburg, but then moved its production to Franschhoek near Cape Town, Western Cape. Their early brand image was centred around designing and creating beautiful gift products with the theme of South Africa's endearing Flora and Animal kingdom, capturing their vibrant colours and energy.

Steck’s background and experience gives her the ability to personalize design for clients and their specific branding needs to meet expectations. Her objective has always been to seek out lifestyle images that are excitingly creative but with the impressive quality to meet every occasion. Her fluency in German, English, French and understanding of Italian allows this vast enterprise to succeed.

Since its inception, Orgari has served an extensive range of clientele both locally and internationally, with a primary focus on luxury and exclusivity. Nearly a decade on, the brand has established itself as a high-quality design company with a strong following and reputation of classic interior styling. 

The brand’s ongoing skills development initiative has produced more than 40 local fine artists who have contributed to Orgari’s global following, embedding Steck’s love for endearing African style in each authentic piece.

Botanical Wildlife Ceramic

The endangered Rhino is a graceful and incredibly resilient animal whose plight has touched the hearts of people the world over....more

Breathtaking African Ceramic

Stylised features give the Elephant an unmistakable pop-art feel, while the more naturalistic acacia softens the aesthetic....more

Ceramic Ornament

The earthy palette of the flowers makes this ceramic rhino decoration fitting of a well-curated living space....more

Decorative Ceramic

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Distinctive Ceramic

The distinct spotted flower of a Tiger lily is seemingly draped over this distinctive ceramic rhino sculpture....more

Elegant Interior Ceramic

Both masters of survival, the Elephant and the Baobab tree rely on size to conquer the harsh African wild....more

Fire Lily Rhino Ceramic

Buy this exquisite ceramic today and surround yourself with the magic of the fire lily....more

Flame Lily Elephant Ceramic

Together they create a delightful collectable....more

Flame Lily Rhino Ceramic

With a dash of decorative delight, it is well-suited to the light-hearted collector or quirky nester....more

Floral Ceramic

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Flower Ceramic

Orchids are challenging to care for. To survive, they need specific conditions at specific times of the year; to thrive is another story altogether....more

Frangipani Elephant Ceramic

The majestic structure of this sacred mammal is almost completely surrounded by deep orange and yellow flowers and green flowering stems...more

Frangipani Flower Rhino Ceramic

In nature, these fragrant flowers are found in a range of spectacular colours, from pinks, yellows and apricots, to whites and dark maroons....more

Glossy Ceramic

This decorative sculpture was painted with absolute care and hand signed by the artist to cement the notion of pride in their work....more

Jacaranda Elephant Ceramic

Depicting an elephant, both baby and adult sizes available, it is accentuated by one of Africa's most iconic trees....more

Jacaranda Tree Rhino Ceramic

Bring the essence of the South African spring and summer into your home when you buy this proudly South African product....more

King Protea Elephant Ceramic

Meticulously hand sculpted, it depicts an elephant, one of Africa’s most treasured creatures....more

King Protea Rhino Ceramic

South Africa’s national flower since the 70s, the Protea has long been a symbol of rebirth and beauty. In this ceramic, it is painted on the body of a rhino, another natural treasure....more

Orange Tiger Lily Elephant Ceramic

The Elephant is revered as a symbol of strength and power in many African cultures while Tiger Lilies are thought to represent pride and wealth....more

Ornate Ceramic

Hand-painted and signed by the appropriate artist, this white ceramic display piece has an air of individuality due to the radiant depiction of South African flowers on the elephant’s foot....more

Painted Tree Ceramic

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Paradisal Ceramic

Showcase this floral paradisal ceramic as an extension of the garden....more

South African Ceramic

Hiking in the mountains of the Western Cape will reveal a wonderland of endemic flora, including the Cape disa....more

Sparaxis Elegans and Elephant Ceramic

The salmon and orange hues of the Sparaxis elegans, an exquisite South Africa bulb, are unmistakable....more

Tiger Lily Elephant Ceramic

Hand sculpted into the shape of an Elephant and hand painted by locally-trained artists to reflect the striking form and colours of the Tiger Lily, this is a worthy collector's item....more

White Ceramic

Use this white ceramic Elephant sculpture to make a hefty decor statement....more