Raising Sex Worker Awareness
Hidden Lifestyles of South Africa

“They are courageous, laugh at themselves, laugh at the society they live in. They are wicked and I love that – everybody sells themselves in some way.”

'Viva Prostitution'

©Tracey Derrick
These kinds of people have always fascinated me says Tracey Derrick acclaimed social photographer – “I admire their ability to be who they want, to ignore peer and social pressure and to let themselves explore our rather mundane ideas of identity. I found it challenging to immerse myself in a new world. It was an opportunity to raise South African consciousness about sex workers and the industry.”

Basha, the Transvestite 1997

©Tracey Derrick
‘Miss Hollywood Look-a-Like Competition’, at a bar in Woodstock. They know how to rave, relax, enjoy and look beautiful.”

A Serious Work

©Tracey Derrick
“Sex workers are stress relievers, therapists, psychologists - a serious work.”

By Tracey Derrick