Hidden Lifestyles of South Africa

© Tracey Derrick
“We have more words for sex work than we have for money. It is a scorned, marginalised and persecuted industry, the oldest profession – veiled in Myth.”

Cape Town Then and Now

This is a collection of photographs by Tracey Derrick about the undercover, underneath, not spoken about scene in South Africa. This is a broad spectrum of people, including cross-dressers, drag artists, transsexuals, prostitutes. These kinds of people have been around since time began, yet their lifestyles have been kept hidden. It is also a subject that has never been dealt with in depth in our country.

Cape Town has become the second biggest gay population per capita in the world. This is astounding if you imagine that we were one of the most oppressed societies in the world. Since our democratic elections in 1994, we have moved to a new form of political upliftment and openness and this has also allowed a whole exposure of social expression.

By Tracey Derrick

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Sex Workers In The 90's

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